Below, find a selection of recent media appearances.


“Smaller deals” to set stage for “bigger deals” regarding Korea Peninsula denuclearization, say U.S. experts, Xinhua, 4/12/2019

The Sex Scandals Shaking K-Pop And A Reckoning Over How South Korea Regards Women, NPR, 3/15/19

K-Pop stars named in growing South Korea sex scandal, CNN, 3/14/19

Expectation runs high over Trump-Kim’s Vietnam summit, Xinhua, 2/23/19

BTS’ Grammy Nomination Celebrates Much More Than Their Music, Refinery29, 2/8/19

Can K-Pop stars have personal lives? Their labels aren’t so sure, CNN, 9/21/18

K-pop drives boom in Korean language lessons, BBC News, 7/11/18

Translating Trump and Kim: Spare a Thought for the Interpreters at the June 12 Summit, TIME, 6/11/19


Death of K-pop star Sulli and mental health in Korea, BBC World News, 10/16/19

Jenna Gibson discusses why K-pop has gone global and the recent scandals in the industry, CGTN, 3/20/19

The K-pop sex scandal reveals a ‘disgusting’ practice of sharing spy cam ‘porn’: journalist, CBC, 3/19/19

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