Curran, Nathaniel Ming, and Jenna Gibson. “Conflict and Responsibility: Content Analysis of American News Media Organizations’ Framing of North Korea.” Media, War & Conflict, 2019. doi: 10.1177/1750635219839203. Available online:

Other Academic Publications

Gibson, Jenna. “How K-pop Broke the West: An Analysis of Western Media Coverage from 2009 to 2019.” The International Journal of Korean Studies XXII, no. 2 (July 29, 2019): 24-46.

Op-Eds (Selection)

Sudden Death Of A Young K-Pop Star Spurs Talk Of Action On Mental Health, Bullying, NPR, 10/16/2019

Korea’s Dessert Trends Are Fun, But Mask a Deeper Problem, The Diplomat, 8/1/19

South Korea’s Darkest Clubs Are Being Dragged Into the Light, Foreign Policy, 5/3/19

K-Pop’s Sexual Assault Scandal Is the Tip of the Iceberg, Foreign Policy, 3/21/19

South Korea Once Again Choked by Dangerous Smog, The Diplomat, 1/16/19

Rapper Symbolizes Backlash Against South Korea’s Feminists, The Diplomat, 12/6/19

K-Pop Group BTS Caught in Latest Tensions Between South Korea and Japan, The Diplomat, 11/15/18

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