Peer-Reviewed Publications

Istad, Felicia, Jenna Gibson, and Nathaniel Ming Curran. 2022. “More or Less a Foreigner: Domestic Reception of Multinational K-Pop Groups.” Asian Journal of Social Science, June. Available online:

Curran, Nathaniel Ming, and Jenna Gibson (equal authorship). “Conflict and Responsibility: Content Analysis of American News Media Organizations’ Framing of North Korea.” Media, War & Conflict, 2019. Available online:

Other Academic Publications

Gibson, Jenna and Herman, Tamar. “Entertainment and Equity in the Era of ‘Ontact.'” in South Korean Popular Culture in the Global Context: Beyond the Fandom. Sojin Lim, ed., Routledge. (2022 – forthcoming)

Gibson, Jenna and Curran, Nathaniel Ming. “Rocket Man and the Rocket Nation: Visual Portrayals of North Korea.” in Diplomatic and Mediated Arguments in the North Korean Crisis: Engaging the Hermit Kingdom. Thomas Hollihan, ed., Palgrave Macmillan (2021).

Gibson, Jenna. “YouTube Diplomacy: A Sentiment Analysis of Global Reactions to the 2018 Concert in Pyongyang.” in Collection of Essays on Korea’s Public Diplomacy: Possibilities and Future Outlook. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, South Korea. (2020). Available online:

Gibson, Jenna. “How K-pop Broke the West: An Analysis of Western Media Coverage from 2009 to 2019.” The International Journal of Korean Studies XXII, no. 2 (July 29, 2019): 24-46. Available online:

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